I added ******* to some email addresses and phone #’s of people so as not to invade their privacy – I think I got them all. In any case. This is more info on the scum at VIVA

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From: Sam Adams <sadams666@gmail.com>
To: Anthony Hernandez <anthony@coachanthony.com>; bebory@aol.com; anthonyh@ashlandhome.net
Sent: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 1:09 pm
Subject: Good information about Chenoa

Hi all,
Please review the email below from Carly Thorne and upload any or all of this good information about Chenoa Smith onto the scumoftheworld.com blog as soon as possible.
Also I hope this will help any of you who is working with the DA to bring this bitch down. I’ll do what I can to help too. I can’t contact Chenoa due to a restraining order John and myself have against her.
If any of you know about any of John’s pay pal accounts and can help me shut them down please email me. John is still unable to talk about the scumlord with me without breaking down.
I’ll do whatever I can to help you bring Chenoa Smith to justice.
Forwarded conversation
Subject: Requesting your help

From: Sam Adams <sadams666@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 3:26 PM

Hello Carly,
My name is Sam. I was referred to you by Anthony Hernandez; you may contact him if you require verification anthony@coachanthony.com I would like to know a little more about Chenoa Smith. Is this ok with you? I can be trusted. There has been an unjustice done to a close relative of mine. Chenoa Smith will soon be taken to court for a restraining order to be imposed on her. I would like to know if you will be interested in giving me some helpful insight about Chenoa Smith to aid in the fight in brnging her to justice.

From: Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy… <gracee*******@me.com>
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 12:57 PM
To: Sam Adams <

Here is some information

DOB 07-16-75
SS # 510-92-5271
HER DAUGHTERS Social they think she has used that as well
Alexdra Roberts ***-**-**** (removed at father’s request)

DMV State of CA issue B5549954

Address she has been using which she is not
on the lease to nor has she ever PHYSICALLY worked
out of. I have had my assistant Michael go there to
pick up mail for her there once.

228 Main Street Suite 2 Venice CA 90291
She has had mutiple businesses mail go there

Landlord Name and # for that Building 228 Main St. Venice CA Douglas Bruce 310-740-7588

Tenant who is in that building
Michael Corbera 310-593-4833 Ext 103
The landlord has had issues with him.
He has had his own dealings with claims against him as well
His businesses are:

gone to the above address.
Living Spirit Inc.
Living Spirit Channel
Living Theories Publishing and Media
Aesthetic Sciences
Live Ad Inc.

ON CHENOA. Apparently only you THE LAW can contact
to find out more. The LEGAL HOTLINE IS: 408-967-9919

Chenoa’s previous PAY PAL CARDS
Chenoa Smith
5581 5880 2473 6639 12/08

Chenoa Smith
5581 5880 0982 3782 02/06

By the way since I shut her out of my PAY PAL account
she has since opened a new one under her boyfriends name
Sound Brew Productions
John Brewington as she says in an email
I just got forwarded two days ago is her NEW AGENT AND IS
now accepting FUNDS ON behalf of LIVING SPIRIT INC
through him.

Banks she owes MONEY TO hence why she always states
she only does wire of funds or pay pal.

Bank Of America 04565-47135 (I have copies of statement)
Living Theories Publishing & Media

Bank of America Credit Card
under another Business
Chenoa M Smith
4635-5163-3507-7129 07/08

Comerica Business check card
Chenoa A Smith
Aesthetic Science
4746 2219 2000 0745 11/05

Wells Fargo (I have copies of statement)
Living Spirit Inc #318-9166105

Sallae Mae Student loan in arrears
copy of notice dated 6/07
Account # 16059617

Washington Mutual ( Have Copy of Collections)

Maryland National Bank Suit Notification 1/11/07
(Have copy of notice)
Account # 4313020997235595
Owes 5,396.51
Chenoa Smith
3300 Castle Heights Ave #11 LA CA 90034
another place she got kicked out of.

Chenoa Companies

Filing in State of Delaware June 302-857-3409
Cash Management 302-739-3077

Reference # of Chenoa charging using my WF
#080048512 Agent #9617216

Used Legal Zoom
Conscious Collition
Living Spirit Inc
Brain Busters
Live Ad

ME: Carly Thorne
Carly Thorne 310-339-9892
Dectective Oshiro 310-458-8961
Fraud Case SM Police 08-7226

that are all the civil cases)
310-458-8451 (reference case number 08-7226)

Debra Smith 562-313-5717
Identity fraud-Long Beach Police 08007008
Detective Sanchez 1-562-570-7608

Long Beach Identity Fraud 562-570-7602

J**** Roberts (ex husband and has dealt with
Chenoas Lies and has seen the evidence at my house.

Amy Neimann
Lawyer for Minor Child(Alexandra Roberts)
I had Amy come over to my place to see
the condition of the room etc…
Yes Kids live worse, but it was just to
show how unorganized, unclean etc… she was.
I even have pics and witnesses.

Chandi Devi
County of LA Dept. of Consumer Affairs DR07-0890
Chenoa Never responded to complaint

Maia Berens
County of LA Dept. Of Consumer Affairs DR07-0308
Chenoa Never responded to complaint
Anthony Hernandez (defrauded by Chenoa Smith)
File with BBB, Consumers Fraud etc…

Arion Jay Goodwin (Ex Employee and Client)
Still owed pay, has had his Time sheets rejected,
erased by Chenoa), Also has used his Pay Pal
account to process payments.
760-943-7651 (bus)
760-613-2028 (cell)
Courage DeLeon-
Labor Case #06-86705 BEN
Brenda Enriquez
(Ex employee, has case with Labor Board, Chenoa
did not show up to Court 2/6
Owed back pay, had Time sheets rejected, reclassified etc…

Janie Noble (has witnessed everyones efforts to get
recovery on all levels)

Kimberly Feliciano (Ex employee Owed Back pay, lied to repeatedly.)
(518) 253-5986

Kraig Ward (Misuse of Bank Account on Joint Venture, Chenoa
is still using their domain partnership that they shut down,
they have filed numerous documents)

(Misuse of Bank Account Wells Fargo on Joint Venture,
Conscious Choices which Chenoa is still using their domain partnership that they shut down,they have filed numerous documents)

Lynn Pense (has a settled civil case got judgment, and
Chenoa paid $5000 towards settlement with a bounced check)

Pam Heath

Stu Rosen (ex employee owed back pay, lied to etc….)

Susan Dynner Case #SC08747
(Civil case awarded funds, never collected)

Suzanna Kennedy (Client who has given money, to
mutiple pay pal accounts and has been lied to repeatedly
and never got any product)

Terry Arnold (Client who has given money, lied to repeatedly
and never got any product)

Tristin Host (Chenoa used her Pay pal, and used threats
to get her to continue to use it etc.. Also Lied to her

Kathyrn Whipple (chenoa’s virtual secretary)
Always paid late, kept in the dark etc…

Laurie Boggs
Had asked for money back within the grace period
and she was given the run around.

Gwenoythn Vanor
Lived in LA lent Chenoa 15,000 dollars for the Green Party
got taken, declared bankruptcy lives in Chicago now.

Tina Courtney 323-251-2612

Elle Markey (ex employee, lied to repeatedly witnessed
Chenoa threatening me about Pay Pal, owed back pay)

Michael Walton (ex assistant to Chenoa Smith and
Lives in my home as my assistant and still does and
has witnessed all the fights, and dealt with the
unhappy customers. Also has been to the 228 Main St
address to pick up Chenoa Smith’s Mail)

Les LaMotte (client who is asking for money back)

Raeligh Waller-(Chenoa was saying he was the CFO,
when he hadn’t even agreed to do that, she was saying
that in emails etc…)

From: Sam Adams <sadams666@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 12:27 PM
To: “Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy…” <

Hello again Carly,
This is one incredible charactor. I am John Brewington’s brother. John is just one more victim of Chenoa Smith, but this time she has messed with the wrong family. John Brewington has been in the hospital for the last 22 days suffering from sever depression, anexiety and had to recover from overdoses of perscription drugs which Chenoa was administering to him so she can keep him doped up and live in his apartment for which she was not on the lease so she could continue to do her business there. I am doing my best to shut her down but need much help. I got a temporary restraining order againt her on John’s behalf. I new nothing of Chenoa Smith until this tragedy happened to my brother John.
I got power of attorney for John, was able to shut down a Washington Mutual account of John’s which Chenoa was using. I got his credit report and found a fraud alert from Live Ad. Chenoa was attmpting to use his credit to open an account. It is very difficult talking with John in his current state and don’t know if Chenoa Smith is using his name or company name anywhere else. If you can help me on how to sut down any pay pal accounts she may be using in his name please….I beg your assistance.
Cheno Smith already violated the restraining order by not leaving my brother’s apartment when served by the sherrif last Wednesday. I had her thrown out this last Saturday by four police officers. She doesn’t have a car and is probably spunging off another poor sap.
I went on the complaint board and public records to see of whom I’m dealing with and have the reports of 8 civil disputes and what looks like your criminal report charged against Chenoa; I can’t fathom how she is still roaming the streets, continuing the scams and is not in prison.
I am a good man with honest charactor who just wants to put my brother back together again….far away from Chenoa Smith. Wen he gets better maybe he will press criminal charges too…but not likely. John is weak and realizes Chenoa Smith is stronger and will bully him till death.
If you can give me a little history of what you know of my brother John and their business relationship it would be helpfull. I know he and the lazerium folks took her in after you through her out of your apartment and John’s life has been a total nightmare ever since he met her. I have a hearing for the restraining order coming this Dec 2nd.
Erik Brewington

From: Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy… <grace*******@me.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 1:38 PM
To: Sam Adams <

I attempted to warn JOHN repeatdely about CHENOA the day I had her arrested and he would not listen to me.

Send me your phone number and I will call you

Have a beautiful day…
Transformations with Grace, Ease, n’ Joy…

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From: Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy… <grace*******@me.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 1:46 PM
To: Sam Adams <

Page 1 of
Testimony on Chenoa Smith made by
Carly Thorne
1114 14 th St. #G
Santa Monica, CA 90403

I Declare this statement to be true, not done in vengance, and
not done by coercion.

I met Chenoa Smith in late November 2007.

I had posted an ad looking for someone who was Spiritual
and new age minded to rent a room in my apartment.

Chenoa had responded and told me about her situation of
her divorce that she told me had just finalized etc… and that
she needed a place for 6 months and then after that she
would be relocating to San Diego. When she saw what
I did for a living Life Coaching, wellness, fitness etc… she
thought we might be a great work fit as well.
She told me about her work. Living Spirit Channel

In any event she moved in and from the beginning
there were warning signs but she kept on promising this
and that.

I made it VERY clear from the beginning-
Must keep her room clean, empty trash,
no food in the bedrooms, no dishes in sink etc…

I have always had a big heart and have taken other
people in and helped them get back on their feet.
So I have signs up around the house with house rules.

The rent was to be 400 a week that covered
room and board, including all utilities minus phone
and 100 a week for car use, she was to fill car up with gas.
Plus 1000 for security.

CAR- she also had to show her ex husband and the
attorney appointment to her daughter proof of that
was insurance for my car. SHE LIED TO BOTH
her ex and the lawyer saying she had been
added to my insurance. I kept asking her for her drivers
license and she would say ok I will get you a copy.
Then as I started getting all these emails accusing her
of fraud etc…. which when I asked her about those
emails she said, oh they are crazy etc…

Anyways in one of the emails I was sent a Private
Investigative report which had her Drivers License
on it… I called my insurance to add her only to find out
her license was suspended.

I also discovered that her MO is she gets mail
at this address in Venice on Main street and then
grabs the mail and leaves it piles and doesn’t open
it and then says she didn’t get it. Meanwhile
she can’t say that in this case, as once I discovered
she had signed my name on credit card slips as I started
to look through papers, as now after all the lies I didn’t
trust anything she said I found the ticket, the letter of suspension
and everything. Yet she still had drove my car with
her daughter in it, knowing she had a suspended drivers
license. I have 3 witnesses to this. Me, My assistant,
and her Ex as she has driven over to pick up her daughter.
Her Ex has given me a letter that has been notarized and
he and Michael are willing to testify to that. I am just
trying to establish her pattern of lying and ignoring
things and saying we are all crazy.

It was to be month to month and originally there was no
lease, but then she said her LAWYER and EX- husband
would not let her see her daughter unless she had proof,
that she had a place she lived at, so I complied, explaining
to her that the lease would not be valid with my landlord
as I had my own lease with my landlord and I am the only
one on the lease period. I even indicated on the lease
her daughter’s name as a way of proof for her.

She moved in and said she would have the rent
Right from the beginning she was late, and didn’t have
all the money. Kept saying she would get it etc…
Then I asked for a check and she said she didn’t do checks
and that did I have a Pay Pal account and I said yes I did.
She said she needed the password so she could transfer money
to me. I gave it to her and that was the beginning of HELL…
I lent her my pay pal charge once as she kept saying she
was working on getting a new bank account. She said
she hated banks, they were thieves etc… It was always
a different story, why it was taking so long, last accountant
was insane, and just quit.

Then another time I had lent her my Wells Fargo to charge
one thing.
Anyways, I started getting worried and nervous and repeatedly
asked her to give me my pay pal card, and she would say
No I need it, then finally said she lost it etc…

But meanwhile I kept seeing charges on my Wells Fargo-
I kept saying Please delete my Credit Card, Oh she said
I told them, I called them. I called the companies myself
and they said the accounts were for a company called
Living Spirit Channel, but had my name.

I also discovered that she has been signing as CEO and saying
Living Spirit Channel is a Corp, but just found out she just
filed two weeks ago and to top it off CHARGED IT TO MY
WELLS FARGO she said it was an accident, it was the
accountants fault, WHAT ACCOUNTANT…. We don’t have one.


I have my live in assistant who has witnessed me asking
for my pay pal charge, even her boyfriend John Brewington
has heard me ask for my card.

In any event I started not to trust her and started to do my
own due diligence and starting digging as things were not
adding up.

A woman who says she owns her own business yet
doesn’t have a bank, credit card, needing to borrow cash etc…

First I discovered by accident as I went into her room
to grab my heater out of her room that she had written
down my pay pal number.

I also started to get all sorts of emails from prior clients
and even current clients about her passive/aggressive behavior
which I myself and Michael my assistant have both witnessed.

She would never give any of us (STAFF) each other phone
numbers, we contacted each by email. Finally though a few us
got connected and come to find out TRISTIN the so called
accountant WAS NEVER THE ACCOUNTANT, and she
was being lied to about USING HER PAY PAL TOO.

Whenever she or I would say you can’t use our accounts
she would threaten us with, then you won’t get paid, and
it will be all your fault that the others don’t get paid.
Anytime you questioned her about anything you weren’t
smart enough, you haven’t been trained as a CEO,
you don’t have a Masters Degree etc…

I also started hearing from folks that when they logged
in into Webex and she was doing her Power Points
that it was saying it was me.

Then things really started coming to a head from
I went to the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco.

I was put in a very hard situation because anytime I complained
about anything. She wasn’t keeping up to our agreement about
payment on rent and for that matter she rejected my two time sheets
so I have never gotten paid a cent for Pay since Nov. 08.

I kept complaining about the dishes in the sink, the room being
a pig pen etc… She would say fine I don’t need to stay here,
I will go to a hotel, but I hadn’t gotten paid yet.

As I started talking to others, I found there were getting
the same dance about pay, there time sheets being rejected etc…
So people would get upset and then she would say you are
being passive aggressive and then say you are not
honoring your contract, your not doing a good job.

I didn’t TRUST her to be a my place alone as she already
had charged things to my Wells Fargo card, and that she
was using the Money in Pay Pal not for clients needs
but for her own use, clothes, food, toys etc…
and as I started to get complaints from clients I called
Pay Pal, and they said if any of the clients complained
or wanted a refund it would be on my Head/liability.

Then I got an email from Pay Pal saying please verify these
deposits for City National Bank. I asked her about it, and
she said Oh that so I could transfer all the data and get out
of your account. That prompted me to look at my profile
and Accounts, and then I saw that there were 3 other
accounts added to my Pay Pal account.
She definitely went in to my earthlink email and deleted
the emails because Pay Pal sends you an email
each time to ask you to verify the deposits.

I kept changing my passwords,in my wells fargo,
pay pal, and earthlink, but she is an IT person and she
definitely broke in.

The final straw was when I got home from San Fran,
and she was still in San Fran, and at this point I was
getting slammed with emails and phone calls from
both Ex employees, clients then discovered the
new Charge to my Delaware State and then took
out my Wells fargo accounts and discovered the
Media Max, I hadn’t noticed it because it was
a small charge of 4.95 and when I got a bill
in my name at my personal mail box and it was
for Living Spirit.

From: Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy… <grace*******@me.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 1:51 PM
To: Sam Adams <

I would contact on everyone on this list

PEOPLE that I dealt with on the case
investigator with the Santa Monica City Attorneys Office,
Claudia Brick <Claudia.Brick@SMGOV.NET>
Santa Monica City Attorneys Office

SM City Attorney David Fairweather 310-458-8331
Consumer Fraud Paula Rockenstein 310-458-8331
SM Detective Dean Oshiro 310-458-8961
LA County District Attorney Investigator T. Holst

SM Detective Dean Oshiro 310-458-8961
415) 786-2081 cell
Los Angeles Municipal Court
11701 S. La Cienega BLVD.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Santa Monica Police Department
Attention: Detective Oshiro
333 Olympic DR.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

From: Sam Adams <sadams666@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 12:55 PM
To: “Transfigurations with Grace, Ease, and Joy…” <

I totally understand; I’m the closest brother John has and warned him that somthing was very wrong with the situation when he told me of her. I let him live his life and now Chenoa almost took it from him.
my number is 714-********

From: Carly Thorne <grace*******@me.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 12:58 PM
To: Sam Adams <

I Amin meetings so will have tocall
You later

Where are you located so I know what time zone right now it is 11:00am
Mahalo and

Sent from my iPhone

From: Carly Thorne <grace*******@me.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 1:47 PM
To: Sam Adams <

You can also just call in
And pretend your john n just call
N say the card is lost n you want
The account frozen

And or just fax them a copy of a doctors note verifying he has been in
Hospital since what date n that all
Charges n withdrawls within that time
Frame is fraud n illegal n not consented